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"After working with freshplay on a turnkey casino solution, we wanted to get a headstart with our marketing program. Our primary goal was to acquire as many new players as possible to increase our revenues quickly. A focused media buy gave us a quick boost, and was quickly followed with a direct response CD campaign. It was a great solution."

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With the intense competition, the restrictive international advertising regulations and the pure global boom of interactive gaming, there have never been more barriers, challenges, and simultaneously, more opportunities to attract and retain players - it requires a whole new breed of thought.

freshplay assists companies in developing a new way of thinking, helping you understand and reach your markets more effectively and with more impact.

If all your players, both current and potential, spoke English, made $35K a year and spent $3K of it on entertainment, that’d be one thing. But they live all over the world, speak many languages, relate to gaming in unique ways based on cultural codes and archetypes, and are growing faster than you can imagine.

freshplay has the knowledge and insight to help you reach the more mature English-language markets in innovative ways, while expanding into international markets with confidence.

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Marketing Services

Strategic Planning: Begin at the beginning. freshplay helps you establish your marketing objectives and create a one-of-a-kind strategy to communicate your brand to new and existing players.

Competitive & Market Analysis: We have extensive knowledge and experience in gaming. Through additional research you can get even closer to the underlying truths of the market and compete on terms that haven’t occurred to others.

Media Planning & Buying: With gaming advertising and marketing being restricted in many international jurisdictions, buying media is a unique challenge. We’ll access the best media networks, online and offline, to put your message out to the right audience, then rigorously analyze performance to get the results you want.

Direct Response: This is where some marketers make or break their player relationships. Done right, email marketing can bring in players and revenue; done wrong and you’re spam. Freshplay will help you get it right with our strategic approach to segmentation, contact strategy, testing and response modeling through our global affiliations.

Search Optimization: Search is the most competitive space. From keyword selection to meta tag and link strategies, to local and contextual search tactics, freshplay can develop short, mid and long-term strategies that will have a significant impact on your results.

Affiliate Capture: Network marketing is the essence of the Internet. Our deep experience and relationships with affiliates and affiliate organizations can contribute up to 50% of your revenues.

Localization: Sprechen sie Deutsches? ¿usted habla Español? It helps if you do. freshplay can translate and culturally code your entire campaign to reach all international markets.

Public Relations: freshplay has the power to influence outcomes. A strong PR campaign will do wonders for your image, placing you top-of-mind with both consumers and businesses, often leading to strong new partnerships.

Merchandise & Retail: While your gaming revenues will generally outstrip product sales, there are untapped revenue streams and new player acquisition opportunities available with merchandise via traditional retailing and e-commerce.
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