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Standing out from the crowd is a supreme pleasure for freshplay; it gives us a burst of energy to conceptualize a new idea, release it into the marketplace and see it succeed. We bring high-quality design, usability and ideas that make the most of the interactive medium to all our projects, communicating our clients’ vision and effectively challenging the customers’ perception of the usual.

The freshplay team jumps in to every creative venture with excitement; this passion seems to result in memorable brands and original content that’s exceedingly potent.

We traverse every traditional and new media platform including the web, mobile, iTV and DVD. We know the game, from user interface, graphic design and illustration to motion graphics, video production and copywriting.

All creative is backed up with technical prowess for authoring with Flash, Maya, PHP, XML, SQL, Perl and dozens of other acronyms. Bottom-line – we get it.

freshplay brings the impact of ‘aha’ to every one of your creative projects, whether it’s to build or expand a brand, to show you new complementary business & revenue models, or simply to catch the fancy of players and drive revenues.

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Creative Services

Brand Development: Imagine a seamless connection between your business and your players, with all communications reflecting the same deep insight. Imagine your brand as a protective shield allowing you to relate to your players in a relevant, memorable and ongoing way. Imagine freshplay working with you to create such brand integrity; it’s not a dream.

freshplay specializes in conceptualizing and creating brands for gaming properties like casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and sportsbooks, as well as non-wagering initiatives such as free game sites, educational resources and stores.

Content Development: Extending your brand beyond the gaming site into new content ventures is one of the best ways to attract new players. It not only skirts around restrictive advertising rules, it also expands your marketing strategy beyond the casino or poker room to reach potential players on occasions when they’re not specifically looking for you.

Content initiatives can include any related topic you desire including educational resources and e-commerce stores promoting gaming strategies, to free game sites that capture email, drive gaming site registrations and add additional sources of non-gaming revenue.

Marketing Materials: New and established brands require a steady flow of new marketing materials to continue acquiring players and to retain the ones they have. And with the sheer volume of competing marketing messages, materials that catch the eye, spark interest and lead to conversions, increased deposits or frequency of play are vitally important.

freshplay will provide you with high-impact marketing materials that truly deliver, regardless of the medium. Whether it’s banners, e-mailers, flash videos or doorway pages for interactive use, or sales materials, print ads, game CD’s, presentation videos or other traditional offline materials, freshplay can creatively solve all your needs.
freshplay media